The XX live

You have to rock the live show if you want to impress your fans and build your reputation as a truly talented songwriter/performer. Some of my greatest memories growing up were from concerts, as live shows were a way to see your rock gods in person and share a moment with 10,000 of your closest friends. From oversized projections, to laser shows, to monstrous special effects, to inflatable figures, you never knew what was going to inhabit the stage and create that “remember when” moment. Sure, a great show can still be accomplished by pure musical performance, but you’re always going to be graded on presentation.

Our first live show post looks at a few pics from The XX, taken by photographer Stephanie Flores for a well-run LA-based music blog called The Scene Star. The straightforward “rock fog” and stage lights are nothing new, but work well with XX’s moody songs. I have no doubt they put on a memorable live show.

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