Gorillaz go mobile

Ran across this on iTunes this morning. Now you can escape to Plastic Beach using any
of Steve Jobs’ fine products. Considering the music is typically lighthearted, fun and engaging, “Gorillaz – Escape to Plastic Beach” looks like an interesting extension of the Gorillaz brand. From iTunes:

“Designed especially for the tilt controls of the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch, and featuring eight exciting levels of gun-toting, gliding actions in full 3D, as well as designs from Jamie Hewlett, and music and voice-overs from the band themselves, “Escape From Plastic Beach” is a must-have app for any Gorillaz fan.”

I think it’s only a matter of time before apps/games become more of an income source for recording artists. It would be interesting to have hidden content within these apps, allowing users to unlock extra tracks or videos.

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