Matthew Dear “packaging”

Bookmark Ghostly International if you are interested in following the future of music distribution and packaging. Like their Bento box, this Matthew Dear totem is a solid
step forward in creating a new way for music to be disseminated and collected in the digital age. I love the idea of swapping out the jewel case with an object that has true meaning to both the musician and fan; these are the types of connections and communication that brands struggle to make.

The Ghost gives up more details:

“Each MDBC Totem is inscribed with a unique four-character suffix that will allow users access a private page on, where Black City may be streamed in its entirety from any web-accessed computer, or downloaded. Owners of the totem will also receive an exclusive track, not previously available on the standard album release. Unlike current delivery methods, the totem is a physical format for cloud-based listening, an acknowledgment of two seemingly irreconcilable notions: the need for a tangible representation of music and a future in which music utterly ethereal.”

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