Zakk Wylde magazine cover art

The latest issue of Revolver magazine features former Ozzy guitarist and Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde on its cover. If you couldn’t tell by his resume, Zack is quite successful in representing the dark, aggressive and middle-finger-thrusting world of hard rock and metal, and this cover art fits the bill quite beautifully as it serves as
an unapologetic extension of Zakk’s brand.

While many artists suffer from playing it safe in the hopes of attracting the widest audience possible, Mr. Wylde has openly embraced the smoky, leather-clad rebellion of an intensely followed genre of rock that makes no excuses and takes no prisoners, and he does it uniformly. Successful band branding requires an attention to who you are as an artist, the style of music you perform and how you will represent yourself through album art, online presence, live shows, public appearances, interviews, etc. – all of these brand extensions require consistency that relate to a distinctive point of view.

The Revolver photo illustration was executed by Seattle-based design shop Invisible Creature who live what they design when it comes to branding as well as rock-inspired packaging, posters and apparel thanks to the fact that they are musicians themselves and have served up some damn fine entertainment.

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